Transforming Agriculture: Anil Thadani’s Journey into Hydroponic Farming and Organic Consulting-TIOI
Transforming Agriculture: Anil Thadani’s Journey into Hydroponic Farming and Organic Consulting-TIOI

“The Green Revolution: Teaching Urban Farmers to Grow Soilless Vegetables on Their Terraces!”

In Jaipur, Rajasthan, resides Anil Thadani, a 25-year-old individual with a passion for agriculture. He embarked on his journey by starting a nursery on the terrace of his house. As time passed, Anil’s efforts flourished, and now he proudly boasts of having established hydroponic, vertical, and terrace gardens in hundreds of households. His dedication to this green venture has left a positive impact on the community, making him a source of inspiration for all gardening enthusiasts.


Anil Thadani, a visionary hailing from Jaipur, Rajasthan, has carved an inspiring path in the world of agriculture. After successfully completing his Masters’s degree in Agriculture, he served as an Assistant Professor at Vivekananda Global University. However, driven by his passion for sustainable farming practices, he chose to follow his heart and embark on a journey to establish his own nursery, ‘Poudshalam.’ In addition to imparting knowledge about hydroponic farming, Anil also dedicates his efforts to consulting farmers on the nuances of organic agriculture.

Cultivating Roots

Anil’s love for his city, Jaipur, brought him back in 2018, where he commenced his teaching career while simultaneously pursuing his farming aspirations. Engaging with local farmers in nearby villages, he shared valuable insights on organic farming techniques. It didn’t take long for him to realize that his true calling was to work at the grassroots level, directly impacting the lives of farmers and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Nurturing ‘Poudshalam

In 2020, Anil took a significant leap by bidding adieu to his teaching job and venturing into his nursery venture. With an investment of approximately Rs 14,000, he transformed the terrace of his home into the budding grounds of ‘Poudshalam.’ Drawing from his academic expertise, he honed his skills in creating various organic fertilizers, nutrient solutions, and potting mixes. Today, Anil’s nursery stands as a testament to his scientific approach, offering top-notch organic manure and fertilizers that cater to the needs of both his nursery and the farmers he advises.

Greening Spaces with Hydroponics

Beyond the confines of his nursery, Anil is dedicated to extending his expertise to the masses. One of his key services includes setting up innovative gardens, such as hydroponic, vertical, and terrace gardens, within people’s homes. His dedication to his craft has led to the successful installation of hydroponic setups and green havens in numerous households. Anil’s commitment doesn’t end there; he regularly visits these setups, ensuring that they flourish with the utmost care and precision.

A Hydroponic Revolution

Anil strongly advocates for hydroponics as a game-changing solution for urban gardening enthusiasts. He firmly believes that by embracing hydroponics in terrace gardens, one can cultivate organic vegetables effortlessly, without the constraints of traditional soil-based farming. Moreover, Anil encourages people to consider hydroponic farming not only as a means of self-sustenance but also as a potential small-scale business opportunity.

Embracing Hydroponics for All

Anil’s passion transcends barriers, making hydroponic farming accessible to all, regardless of age or occupation. He emphasizes that even homemakers or retirees can kickstart their hydroponic journey using simple tools like a small thermocol box. This empowering approach enables individuals to not only provide organic produce for their families but also extend the goodness of homegrown vegetables to friends and neighbors.

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Anil Thadani’s remarkable journey from an Assistant Professor to an agricultural trailblazer is a testament to the transformative power of passion and determination. His dedication to promoting hydroponic farming and organic practices has ignited a sustainable revolution within the farming community. Through ‘Poudshalam,’ Anil continues to nurture the roots of eco-consciousness, touching countless lives with his invaluable expertise. As more people embrace hydroponics and organic farming, Anil’s vision of a greener and healthier future becomes an ever-present reality.

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