"Revolutionizing Fashion: Meet the Ingenious Engineer Turning Water Hyacinth into Stylish Sarees in Jharkhand!"- TIOI
“Revolutionizing Fashion: Meet the Ingenious Engineer Turning Water Hyacinth into Stylish Sarees in Jharkhand!”- TIOI

Engineer Gaurav Anand of Jharkhand is making beautiful sarees from water hyacinth growing in the pond and is giving employment to 450 women in the village.

Hyacinth flowers and plants are very beautiful to look at but they are dangerous for aquatic creatures. Due to their rapid spread, they soon cover the entire pond. This prevents sunlight and air from entering the water. Engineer Gaurav Anand of Jamshedpur, Jharkhand has found a unique way to deal with this problem related to water hyacinth.  

Gaurav prepares fibers from hyacinth stalks and gets them made into sarees with the help of weavers from Shantipur, Bengal. They have been making paper, mats, and handicrafts from water hyacinth for years but decided to take it a step further and use its fibers as fabric for the first time. The world’s first ‘fusion saree’ was prepared from his thinking.  

Environmental engineer Gaurav also runs an organization named ‘Swachhta Pukare’. Under the campaign related to his organization, he continues to do the work of cleaning the rivers. It was during these expeditions that he saw that water hyacinth is the main reason for the contamination of water.  

After this, in the year 2022, leaving 16 years old career, he started focusing on the work of his organization.  

water hyacinth saree

Women also got employment from eco-friendly sarees 

Gaurav observed that the fiber from the stem of the water hyacinth contained cellulose and could be turned into thread-like jute. Then he decided to make yarn and give it to the weavers. 

The final fusion saree is made by adding cotton etc. to the yarn obtained from water hyacinth. Through this project, Gaurav wanted people to get an alternative to natural resources like cotton. 

Today he is preparing a saree with about 25 kg of water hyacinth. This is not only getting rid of the water hyacinth, which is considered the Terror of Bengal but also promoting sustainable fashion. In the year 2022, he made the first fusion saree with the help of some weavers and village women.

Today around 450 women in the village are working with them. These women do the work of extracting water hyacinth from water, drying it, and making yarn.  

For more information about this fusion saree and projects of Gaurav Anand, you can contact him at his website. 

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In conclusion, Engineer Gaurav Anand’s initiative of creating beautiful sarees from water hyacinth growing in the village pond has brought about a significant positive impact. Not only does this unique approach contribute to environmental conservation by utilizing an invasive plant, but it also addresses socio-economic challenges by providing employment opportunities to 450 women from the local community. Through his innovative and sustainable venture, Gaurav Anand has not only transformed the way we perceive waste materials but has also uplifted the lives of numerous women, empowering them with financial stability and dignity. His inspiring work serves as a shining example of how small, thoughtful efforts can lead to substantial change, benefiting both the environment and the people it supports.