Chennai-based Deepak Rajmohan and Vijay Anand’s GreenPod Labs’ invention, is a cheaper alternative to expensive cold storage systems that keep fruits and vegetables fresh.

India is the second largest producer of vegetables in the world. Despite this, only 30 to 40 percent of the production reaches the customers. The main reason for this is the spoilage of fruits and vegetables before reaching the customers. In the absence of good storage and facilities, the farmer has to either throw it away or sell it at a low price if the produce is not sold in time.   

It is a loss deal for both the customers and the farmers. The solution to this serious problem of the country is good and cheap cold storage where farmers can keep their produce safely but due to their high cost, they are beyond the reach of small farmers. Deepak Rajmohan of Chennai has found a unique and easy solution to this problem of farmers and small fruit and vegetable vendors.  

 Agriculture and Food Science Engineer Deepak was working in the US till some time back. In the year 2019, he came to India and started working on this problem of food waste.  

He has prepared a natural powder from plant-based technology in his lab in Chennai. By keeping packets of this natural powder in fruits and vegetables, they can remain fresh even without a refrigerator.  

This invention is beneficial for farmers and vegetable sellers

Deepak used this natural technique on many farmers and their vegetables and found that it increases the shelf life of vegetables by about 12 days. Deepak turned his invention into a product and started a startup with his childhood friend Vijay Anand.  

Talking about the cost of the pouches made by him, he makes packets of different sizes for each vegetable and fruit. For example, one kg of mango can be kept in a pouch of Rs.5, while for one kg of capsicum a packet of Rs.4, and for one kg of tomato, a packet of Rs.1.25 is effective. 

He is employing around 15 people through his startup Greenpod Labs. He sells this product through his website. If you want to know about this eco-friendly startup, you can contact them here.  

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